Strategising for 2021: Setting up for Success with Effective Change Management and Organisational Redesign

Corporate and government enterprises around the GCC are slowly gearing up for shared services. As businesses grow, competition in the markets increases and the need for smoother and more efficient business operations heightens.

Implementing shared services – an operating model where non-core business functions are outsourced, either to an external BPO or a captive service center – requires businesses to undergo a major organisational transformation, as operations are centralised, departments are combined and roles are realigned.

Whilst the need for a solid change management strategy is generally understood, there is a distinct lack of awareness on how to effectively implement the change without compromising on operational and service quality, risking workforce morale and ultimately losing competitive advantage and market share.

This is the primary reason why many organisations across the GCC are stalling at the first hurdle of shared services implementation, whilst others are yet to sign up for the race.


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Why Attend?


Set your transformation strategy and plan your execution


Understand how to identify and quantify the business benefits of shared services transformation


Ensure the stabilisation of your SSC


Scale up through automation by leveraging the technological capabilities of outsourcers


Improve your resource planning, redeployment, hiring and retention


Learn how to manage internal change and set a sound communication strategy


Cut costs without compromising on quality

Who Should Attend?


Head of Shared Services


Head of Finance / HR / IT


CFO / Chief Strategy Officer / Chief HR
Officer / Chief Information Officer


Business Transformation Lead / Change
Management Lead


Large corporates (+4000 employees)


All industries but primarily large tend to
be banking, telecoms, O&G, retail and

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